Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Here are some helpful articles on these topics:

Sabbath and Sunday

From Sabbath to Sunday: How the Church Moved Its Holy Day, James P. Guzek, This Rock, February 1999.

The Catholic Encyclopedia: "Sunday"

Sabbath or Sunday: What Does Holy Scripture Say?, Bob Stanley

On Keeping the Lord's Day Holy (Dies Domini): Apostolic Letter of Pope John Paul II (31 May 1998)

Sunday Obligation to Attend Mass

Why Is It a Mortal sin to Miss Mass?, Fr. Ray Ryland, This Rock, July 2000.

Forget Mass? Not a Mortal Sin, Karl Keating, This Rock, Nov. 2003.

FAQ About Sunday Obligation: Not Going to Mass (Catholic Doors Ministries)

Sunday Obligation, Jimmy Akin

Fulfilling the Sunday Obligation on Saturday (+ Part Two), Jimmy Akin

Our Sunday Obligation, Maureen Kelly

There Are Reasons to Miss Mass, but Not Many Valid Ones, Fr. Matthew Mitas

See also The Catechism of the Catholic Church: #2168-2195.