Tuesday, June 24, 2008

PraySTATION: Prayer For The Sick

"And the prayer of faith will save the sick person, and the Lord will raise him up. If he has committed any sins, he will be forgiven. Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful."
James 5:15-16

Amidst the CFC 27th Anniversary celebration our dear Tito Bert Banzon (scheduled to go under the knife) and Tita Tess (waiting for the biopsy result) still found time to join the festivities at the Quirino Grandstand last Saturday - June 21, 2008.

Prayer Request For Our Dear
Tito Bert Banzon and Tita Tess Lumbao
and most especially to our
who is suffering from CANCER!


Dear Jesus, Divine Physician and Healer of the sick, we turn to you in this time of illness. O dearest comforter of the troubled, alleviate our worry and sorrow with your gentle love, and grant us the grace and strength to accept this burden. Dear God, we place our worries in your hands. We place our sick under your care and humbly ask that you restore your servant to health again. Above all, grant us the grace to acknowledge your will and know that whatever you do, you do for the love of us.


Sunday, June 22, 2008


June 21, 2008 Quirino Grandstand

Getting ready for the Harvest Parade


O sampol lang iyan ha!
We miss you too!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008



...but all TALKS and no scripture study makes one's spiritual journey incomplete

St. Jerome insist that ignorance of scripture means ignorance of Christ.

I dare say
of the Catechism of the Catholic Church
means ignorance of our Catholic FAITH


You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart,
and with all your soul,
and with all your
(Matt 22:37; Mark 12:30; Luke 10:27)

Do you LOVE me?
F E E D M Y L A M B S !

Pax Christi,

Thursday, June 5, 2008




Pope Benedict XVI, Shepherd of Truth

Notable quotations from Pope Benedict XVI and official
teachings of the Roman Catholic Church

Pope Benedict XVI


"In no way should [grandparents] ever be excluded from the family circle. They are a treasure which the younger generations should not be denied, especially when they bear witness to their faith." (Address at the Fifth World Meeting of Families, Valencia, July 8, 2006).


The Church has always paid special attention to grandparents, recognizing them as a great treasure from both the human and social, as well as religious and spiritual viewpoints.


In the past, grandparents had an important role in the life and growth of the family. Even with their advancing age they continued to be present with their children, their grandchildren and even their great-grandchildren, giving a living witness of caring, sacrifice and a daily gift of themselves without reserve.


They were witnesses of a personal and community history that continued to live on in their memories and in their wisdom.


It is necessary to join forces to defeat together all forms of marginalization, for it is not only they � grandfathers, grandmothers, senior citizens � who are being injured by the individualistic mindset, but everyone. If grandparents, as is often said and on many sides, are a precious resource, it is necessary to put into practice coherent choices that allow them to be better valued.


Old age, with its problems that are also linked to the new family and social contexts because of modern development, should be evaluated carefully and always in the light of the truth about man, the family, and the community. It is always necessary to react strongly to what dehumanizes society.


May grandparents return to being a living presence in the family, in the Church and in society. With regard to the family, may grandparents continue to be witnesses of unity, of values founded on fidelity and of a unique love that gives rise to faith and the joy of living.

(Source: Address to Pontifical Council for the Family, April 5, 2008)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Excerpts from Fr. Cantalamessa's book Come, Creator Spirit...
... the charism (that is, Holy Spirit inspired gift) of discernment whereby Christians can distinguish between:
  • what comes from the Holy Spirit,
  • what comes from our own minds, and;
  • what comes from the Evil One.
A charism is more than common sense and shrewdness (although those strengths are indeed natural gifts from God for which we should express humble gratitude). A charism is supernatural: "the Holy Spirit helps us evaluate situations and to direct our choices, not only on the basis of human wisdom and prudence, but also in the light of the supernatural principles of faith" (p. 333).
How to tell if something is from the Evil One? "Paul gives the same objective criterion of discernment that Jesus gave: the fruits. The 'works of the flesh' show that the sinful desire giving rise to them comes from the old nature, and 'the fruits of the Spirit' show that the desire from which they spring comes from the Spirit (see Ga 5:19-22). 'For what the flesh desires is opposed to the Spirit, and what the Spirit desires is opposed to the flesh' (Gal 5:17)." Note that the desires of the flesh are not merely desires for sexual activity outside of true marriage; the desires of the flesh could also be the Vatican cleric who puts ambition above Gospel service, or simply the person who is compulsively and intemperately attacking, slandering, and criticizing others. Self-righteousness is as much a desire of the flesh as lust. So is greed and lust for control and power over others.
How to choose between two goods? "Saint Ignatius Loyola developed his teaching on discernment mainly as a response to the needs of such a situation. He suggests that we take note of one thing in particular: our own inward dispositions, the intentions (the 'spirits') that underlie our choice. . . . Ignatius Loyola suggested practical ways to apply these criteria. As an example, when two possible choices are open to you, it is good to settle on one of them as though that were without question your choice and to stay with that for a day or more; then stop and evaluate how you really feel in your heart about that choice. Are you at peace about it, is it in harmony with all the other choices you have made, do you feel inwardly encouraged to follow that route, or on the other hand does it leave you under a veil of disquiet? Repeat the process with the other choice open to you. Do it all in an atmosphere of prayer, of abandonment to God's will and openness to the Holy Spirit" (p. 334).
Fr. Cantalamessa then gives a good biblical overview of discernment as follows: "When you come right down to it, it is simply a question of putting into practice the advice that Jethro gave to Moses: Put the questions to God, and wait in prayer for God's answer (see Exod 18:19). A deep-seated habitual disposition to do God's will whatever the situation puts you in the best position to discern well. Jesus says: 'My judgment is just, because I seek to do not my own will but the will of him who sent me' (John 5:30)' " (p. 334).

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


The biblical principle of giving,
is that we give whatever we feel moved to give from our hearts,

"Consider this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each must do as already determined, without sadness or compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. Moreover, God is able to make every grace abundant for you, so that in all things, always having all you need, you may have an abundance for every good work."
2 Corinthian 9:6-8

"So whoever is in Christ is a new creation: the old things have passed away; behold, new things have come." 2 Corinthians 5:17

Monday, June 2, 2008

COUPLES FOR CHRIST 27th Anniversary


Download Schedule of Activities


We'll be there!

with Fifieh & Nyko

June 17 - 19 - 21

Dr. SCOTT HAHN's Free On-line classes!

Courses of Study at SalvationHistory.com!

Welcome to our free on-line classes!

Below you will find links to our several Study "Tracks." Each track is designed to increase your knowledge of sacred Scripture and your faith in its promises.

Each track includes three individual courses. Each course contains a complete text, including cross-references and links to Scripture and other Church documents. In addition, for each track of study we recommend books that will enhance your study and prayer and build your library of essential works in biblical theology and spirituality.

Our studies are free. But we do request that you register. For more information, including tips on guided study based on these on-line classes, see here.

Salvation History Track
A course of study designed to introduce students to the main events and themes of salvation history as recorded in the pages of Scripture. [Learn More]

Course One:
Covenant Love: Introducing the Biblical Worldview

Course Two:
The Lamb's Supper: The Bible and the Mass

Course Three:
‘He Must Reign': The Kingdom of God in Scripture

Apologetics Foundations Track
A course of study specially designed for students seeking to learn more about the biblical basis of Catholic beliefs and devotion. [Learn More]
Course One:
Genesis to Jesus
Course Two:
The Lamb's Supper: The Bible and the Mass
Course Three:
Holy Queen: The Mother of God in the Word of God

Biblical Theology Track
A course of study designed to introduce students to the main issues and themes in biblical theology, which is the study of the Bible as a unified whole that expresses God's Word as revealed by Jesus Christ. [Learn More]

Course One:
Covenant Love: Introducing the Biblical Worldview

Course Two:
Reading the Old Testament in the Gospel of Matthew

Course Three:
The Lamb's Supper: The Bible and the Mass

Sunday, June 1, 2008

JUNE: Euchalette or Patnubay Sa Misa


To download a copy of the Euchalette or Patnubay sa Misa, simply click on any of the dates available below.

A Reflection is provided for separate printing.

June 01

Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

June 08

Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

June 15

Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

June 22

Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time

June 29

Solemnity of Ss. Peter & Paul


June 1

9th Sunday in Ordinary Time

June 8

10th Sunday in Ordinary Time

June 15

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

June 22

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

June 29

Sts. Peter & Paul, Apostles

Euchalette can be used in lieu of Sambuhay


Hunyo 1

Ika-9 na Linggo sa Karaniwang Panahon

Hunyo 8

Ika-10 na Linggo sa Karaniwang Panahon

Hunyo 15

Ika-11 na Linggo sa Karaniwang Panahon

Hunyo 22

Ika-12 na Linggo sa Karaniwang Panahon

Hunyo 29

Dakilang Kapistahan ni San Pedro at San Pablo

Patnubay Sa Misa ay alternatibo sa Sambuhay



These readings are intended as an aid for daily prayer and meditation. The selection of gospel passages follow the daily church readings for the season.

The scripture quotations are from the Revised Standard Version of the Bible, copyright 1973 by the Division of Christian Education, National Council of Churches. The meditations are written by Don Schwager.



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