Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Works of J B Phillips

presented here with the kind permission of Mrs Vera Phillips
and the J B Phillips Estate

The Books and Writings of J B Phillips

for Schools, 1962 edition. A much-loved translation; the story of the Gospels and Acts, the meaning of the Letters, including Paul's, and Revelation, were never easier to read or clearer
1956 edition. Deeply thought-provoking and provocative, 50 years on and as vital to the future of the Church and the World as then. In my view, J B Phillips' Christian writings have an even more important role to play than those of C S Lewis

My interest in J B Phillips came from using his highly-readable translation of the New Testament (bought secondhand for 10 pence) to explore the Gospels, Acts, Letters and the Apocalypse for my own purposes. The results of my researches follow:

The Story of Jesus
- the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John rearranged by Subject & Date Order in 40 Parts, and the Early Church - Acts, all 21 Letters & Revelation rearranged by Subject & Date Order in 71 Parts

What Jesus was Recorded as Saying
the New Testament with His words in red
Collected Verses on Christian Life and Worship
under 200 subject areas
People, Places, Customs, Concepts, Journeys
the New Testament with integrated notes and maps
Questions about the New Testament
What was happening in the world in New Testament times?
Who wrote the Books? When? Where? Why?
Where are the Old Testament verses in the New Testament?
What happened to the apostles?
Where are all the locations mentioned in the New Testament?
How did the New Testament come down to us?

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