Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The CFC Arch

The VISION STATEMENT is placed prominently on top of the arch to emphasize its being the priority calling of CFC. Etched in stone and cradled by the letter “V”, it signifies the“PERMANENCE AND FINALITY” of the message for all CFC members.

The rest of the “VISION STATEMENT” is broken into 7 parts representing the membership in the 7-man International Council – the top group of people symbolizing the top leadership.

Below the “VISION STATEMENT” is the icon of CFC: “the OVERLAPPING RINGS, the DOVE and the CRUCIFIX.” It rests on top of the arch opening, symbolizing the entrance to a heavenly home – God’s kingdom – through the “EYE of the NEEDLE.”

The two columns on both sides of the ARCH carry the full weight of the “VISION.”

The left column holds aloft the symbol of the Bread of Life, the body of Christ, and the fish which reminds every CFC member of the multiplication of the loaves and fish – a miracle Jesus performed. The right column is symolic of the Fruit of the Vine and the Blood of Christ, which was shed for all who believe. The “COLUMNS” represent the“MISSION STATEMENT”: Building the Church of the Home and Building the Church of the Poor.

These two columns reflect both our EVANGELISTIC role in the life of the Church and our FAITH IN ACTION as we serve God through the least, the lost and the last among our brethren.

Under the Church of the Home Column are the various CFC Ministries: Family & Social Under the Church of the Poor Column are our movements: Gawad Kalinga and Isang Milyong Bayani (1 Million Heroes). The base of the Tower / Arch is rooted on the solid foundation and cornerstone value of CFC: Pro-God, Pro-Family, Pro-Poor and Pro-Life.

This is the CFC Victory Tower, a solid structure where the CFC man-on-guard keeps an eye on the ground yet having a wide range of vision that reaches far and wide.

This tower upholds our commitment to putting action to our faith, being victorious despite criticism, and empowering us to hold dear the mission of being one and united as brothers and sisters in the work of Jesus Christ who modeled a life with a bias for the poor.

This is the CFC Mission Arch as we build our own home in the near future. This edifice is the entrance gate to CFC – the community focused on following Christ. CFC imitates Christ in fulfilling His Mission: “Bring Glad Tidings to the Poor.”