Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ALL MY LIBERTY by Fr. John A. Hardon, S. J.

All My Liberty - Introduction
The present volume belongs to the third class, as a modern theological appraisal of the Spiritual Exercises intended to facilitate their use in giving retreats, and to give retreatants, whether priests, religious or the laity, a deeper insight into the treasures of the Exercises in order to make them more profitable. Also, retreats already made will take on a new and more incisive meaning. The need for such a volume appears from the practical absence, at least in English, of a professional study of the master-ideas around which the Exercises are built and in which their special value for sanctification reputedly consists.
Chapter 1: Principle and Foundation of the Spiritual Life

Chapter 2: Estrangement From God

Chapter 3: The Call of Christ the King

Chapter 4: The Standards of Christ and Lucifer

Chapter 5: Three Classes of Men

Chapter 6: Modes of Humility

Chapter 7: The Retreat Election

Chapter 8: Contemplation for Obtaining Love

Chapter 9: On Examining One’s Conscience

Chapter 10: Vocal and Mental Prayer
Chapter 11: Mysteries of the Life of Christ

Chapter 12: Discernment of Spirits

Chapter 13: Norms of Catholic Orthodoxy

Appendix I: Selections from the Text of the Exercises

Appendix II: Apostolic Constitution of Pius XI Declaring St. Ignatius Patron of All Spiritual Exercises