Sunday, July 20, 2008


In 2003, the younger CFC Family Ministries (meaning Kids for Christ, Youth for Christ and Singles for Christ) were given a vision that “in 10 years the whole world will kneel to Christ”. There is no exact definition or explanation as to what that means, but it is a vision that each ministry is working towards. In SFC, that vision statement was made more relevant with this statement – SFC’s ten year vision:

A Generation of Leaders and Martyrs

In line with this, SFC also adapted the 7 Pillars of CFC to make it relevant to SFC and it`s vision of making a generation of leaders and martyrs. It is SFC`s goal to form SFC to become a generation of:

a. Bravehearts – Relating to the CFC Pillar of Evangelization and Mission. Wherein we want every SFC to be brave in proclaiming Christ to the world.

b. The Faithful – Family Ministries. Wherein we want to make sure that CFC truly becomes a womb to tomb ministry, with no fall outs along the way to Heaven.

c. The Holy – Pastoral Support. Wherein we want every SFC to become pastorally mature and get supported in whatever state of life they are in.

d. Patriots – Social Ministries. Wherein we want SFC to be involved in the life of the country they are in – to work for justice and total human liberation from sin.

e. Heroes – Gawad Kalinga. Wherein we want SFC to see the blessing of Gawad Kalinga to CFC. How GK is helping the poorest of the poor. And how this blessing is changing the lives of the people who benefit from it, and the people who actively participate in it.

f. Witnesses – Pro-life. Wherein we want SFC to live lives that are good examples to others – whether in community of not. And wherein SFC can speak out against what is crippling people today.

g. The Chosen – Special Ministries. Wherein we help SFC find their true calling – marriage, single blessedness or religious vocation – and help them in their path to claim that calling.