Friday, August 15, 2008


Today is so special for us... WHY? 
  • Our chapter started the day with our usual weekend Service Love of transporting 4 SFC CLP candidate, with TAEDZ, TACI and TADIO, to their buhos venue. 
  • 5 couple coordinators were mobilized (medyo malayo venue)
  • Tita Edz gave the buhos talk.
  • Our chapter started today our CLP with 7 couples.
  • Service team in full-force and mission-ready mode.
  • I'm the Orientation talk speaker while T2 Joel is Talk 1 speaker.
  • Nyko attended Cl2-YFC leaders meeting.
But what really made our day soooo special is this...

... because WE were THERE...

...and we JOINED them in their PRAISEFEST! 

Listen to the SNC praisefest from HERE


Now, what more can I ask for.... 

Take me now Lord!?!