Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama Mary

Mama Mary Happy Birthday! 
At the dawn of every life, 
at the birth of every child, 
there is always a joyous thought
that brings memories of care, 
affection and also pains and anxiety, 
but all add up to a poem of Love.

Every human being carries with him or her
the seal of this Love and remembers
the maternal tenderness which is
very hard to remove from the heart.

Over the years, even when our hair
turns gray, there remains the
distant memories and the strong desire
to see once again Her, who carries
the affectionate name of Mother.
Her name is a fountain of peaceful thoughts, 
generosity, serenity and Love.

We always talk nice about our Mother
and we always speak highly of
her merits and good guidance.
and when She is around, a veil of
happiness surrounds our hearts.

There is a legend that says that
since God could not be physically
present amongst all His people at all times, 
he created Mothers to take His place.
Looking at the smile on the face
of a Mother as she looks at
her baby explains it very clearly.

If we look at Nature
we see so much beauty: 
the People, the Mountains, 
the Oceans, Rivers, Trees, 
the Flowers, Stars and the Birds...
But the Sun doesn't shine on anyone
more beautiful than you, Mother! 
Thanks for filling this World
with so much genuine love.
With sincere admiration, 
love and respect to you.

I love you mama Mary. 

by Mark Stephen Ancheta