Tuesday, December 1, 2009





“You will find a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.”

Thus did the angel tell the shepherds of Bethlehem, on the first Christmas night. From there, they hurried and found Joseph and Mary and the child Jesus. So too, by a star, wise men from the East found Christ in a stable.

In this season of joy, celebrating God’s sending of His Son to save the world, let us sincerely search for the Lord in our prayer, thanking Him for a most wonderful gift in his only begotten Son, Who will redeem the world.

In this season of love, recalling initiative to show forgiveness for our sins and concern that we again walk in His grace, let us sincerely search for the Lord in our relationships, extending His forgiveness and compassion to all those He sends us to love and care for, unconditionally, not looking at repayment, the return of a favor, or a future investment, but simply to do God’s will joyfully.

In this season of giving, remembering God’s own selfless act in allowing His Son to be man in His Godship, let us sincerely search for the Lord in our merry-making, sharing His lively, joyful and fulfilling presence with all we encounter, in this holy time of Christmas.

We pray that like the poor shepherds and the wise men, we too find Jesus and behold His transforming power in our lives.

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