Tuesday, December 8, 2009



Talk to God.

Just let Jesus pray in you.

To be able to pray

we need silence -

because God speaks to us in the silence of the heart,
and we reply from the fullness of the heart.
God speaking in the silence of our heart,
we replying in the fullness of our heart--
these two together make prayer.

The fruit of prayer is always deepening of Faith,
and Faith cannot exist by itself
it has to transform itself into love.

Love completes Faith.

Faith completes love,

When we really love,

we naturally want to love others
and that loving others is our love for God in action.

That is why prayer is so important,
even for my own Sisters and our way of life.
To be able to live a life of complete belonging to Christ,
we need that continual oneness with Christ,

in order to go on putting our love for Christ into action

through the service of the poorest of the poor.

Everything begins with prayer

spending a little time on our knees...

If all the world's rulers and leaders

would spend a little time on their knees before God,

I believe we would have a better world.

If all the world's families would spend a little time together in prayer,

I believe we would have peace in the world.

Just as love begins at home,

so peace begins at home when a family is united through prayer.

So talk to God,

let Jesus pray in you...

and if you really belong totally to Him,

in whatever kind of life He has put you,

if you just let Him pray in you live

His life in you then that oneness with Christ is prayer.

Prayer means talking to God.

He is my Father.

Jesus is my all.

- Mother Teresa of Calcutta