Tuesday, November 13, 2007


While the rest of the CFC-world seems to be "moving on" in terms of our Christian Service or choosing a different path to follow, there are still those who are seeking answers regarding the so called "crisis" in our community in this part of the globe.

It is much easier to discern when you can hear the issues answered from the leaders themselves. What better way than to watch and listen to...

CFC Gathering: “An Evening with Joe Tale and Frank Padilla”

2007, Sep 12 - Los Angeles, California

Moderator: Fr. Francis Mendoza

  1. Frank and Joe gives opening talks – Part 1 watch it HERE
  2. Question & Answer Session – Part 2 watch it HERE
  3. Q&A session – Part 3 watch it HERE
  4. Q&A session – Part 4 watch it HERE

CFC Leaders Gathering. “An Evening with Tony Meloto”

2007, Sep 17 - Los Angeles, California

1. Tony Meloto’s talk – CFC Journey listen HERE
2. Tony Meloto’s talk – GK Journey
listen HERE
3. Tony Meloto’s talk listen HERE
4. Q&A Portion listen HERE

The CFC Situation

An Overview of the Situation

"In the Beginning", A Summary