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CFC Council Statement - November 19, 2007

Council Statement - 11.19.07

November 19, 2007

The Couples for Christ International Council has been hearing reports that certain individuals have been going around the Philippines and some countries, visiting the clergy and announcing that CFC has been split into two branches – CFC-Gawad Kalinga and CFC-Foundation for Family and Life. The Council would like to categorically state that this is simply untrue and obviously designed to mislead the people, particularly the clergy.

We would like to reiterate the truth that there is only ONE CFC COMMUNITY, the CFC that is recognized by both the Vatican and the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). Again, we quote from the announcement issued by the national spiritual adviser of CFC in the Philippines, Bishop Gabriel Reyes, on behalf of the Episcopal Commission on Lay Faithful:

“In the light of this, the original CFC, with Gawad Kalinga as one of its ministries, retains its recognition as an international private association of the faithful, which was given by the Pontifical Council for the Laity in 2005.”

“The original CFC with Gawad Kalinga under Bro. Jose Tale continues as a national and international private association of the faithful…”

The “original” CFC community referred to is the same community that was founded on, and continues to be strongly driven by, the mission of evangelization, family renewal and total Christian liberation. This is the same CFC that has Gawad Kalinga as one of its key pillars and has Joe Tale as the head of the International Council.

The group that calls itself Foundation for Family and Life has separated voluntarily from CFC. They have publicly announced their separation through the following overt actions: they have developed their own vision, mission and leadership structure, and they have filed incorporation papers with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In this connection, we would like to clarify that FFL has not been allowed by the SEC to use the name “Couples for Christ.” CFC has, in fact, filed a motion for issuance of a cease and desist order with respect to their continued use of the name “CFC.”

We thank God for this gift of ONE GLOBAL CFC. We thank Him for allowing the power of the Spirit to guide us in our pursuit of massive evangelization through our unrelenting Christian Life Programs and Family Ministries programs and for our work of evangelizing other nations. We thank Him that because of these programs, we continue to touch countless lives across the globe. Most especially, we thank Him for the gift of love that allows us, through our Social Ministries and GK, to deepen our expression of our love for Him through our love of neighbor.

May the Lord continue to bless our work even as we pray for our brothers in the FFL that they may fulfill their own mission. God bless us all.


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