Friday, April 4, 2008


His Eminence Cardinal John Njue, Cardinal Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Nairobi, Kenya

Cardinal Njue

"Couples for Christ take courage! Problems and difficulties will be there, but remember that the resurrection of Christ was the greatest declaration of love to all His people. It is in this resurrection that we have our faith. I commit myself and my vocation to the family especially the couple where the family starts. You have come a long way, but still we are far away from our destination. Let us journey together for healing and love to prevail in this country, our beloved Kenya. In this time of unrest, fear and uncertainty in our country, the only way to fight back is to sow seeds of peace through love. Love translated into helping our fellow Kenyans to move on and find peace in the Lord. Couples for Christ keep up the good works. You have my love and support."

His Excellency Bishop Denis Wiehe, Bishop of the Diocese of Victoria, Seychelles

Bishop Wiehe"I love 3 things about Couples for Christ. One, CFC empowers the local leadership of the country to take on the work of evangelization. With the local leadership in place, we can evangelize more people in this country. Two, CFC is very missionary. You don't wait for things to settle down, but with urgency, you move on to reach more people to know God's love. It is in this missionary spirit that the disciples of Jesus carried the love of Christ to all the nations. It is my wish that CFC Seychelles will bring back families especially men back to Christ. Third, CFC is very much within the structure of the Catholic Church. You are bringing back the fire of the Holy Spirit in our Church. It is for this fire that CFC in less than 2 years of its establishment here in Seychelles, you have exceeded my expectations. Now, let us love one another as Jesus loved us so we can evangelize and bring individuals, families and this country back to Gods loving arms."

His Excellency Bishop David Kamau Ng'ang'a, Auxuliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Nairobi, Kenya

Bishop Kamau" I thank Couples for Christ for I was welcomed by my brothers and sisters in the Philippines. truly, you are a community full of love and concern for one another. I bring with me my CFC experience in Manila. You are not just a community for yourself, bu a community for others. We will bring the work for the poor in Kenya and make a GK village according to the African setting. I thank my clergy counterparts in the Philippines, for you have given birth to a movement that evangelizes and takes care of the families. Couples for Christ is the gift of the Philippine Church to Africa and the world."