Friday, December 26, 2008

The Passion According to JOHN

John, the EvangelistJohn's Gospel has been called the "maverick" Gospel because its portrayal of Jesus is done in a manner quite distinctive from that of Mark, Matthew and Luke. For John, Jesus is the revelation of God's love for the world, the "word made flesh" whose death is an act of friendship love, a sign of God's total embrace of humanity and the final triumph over evil. John's passion account is read each year as the centerpiece of the Good Friday liturgy. His portrayal of the passion, with its masterful blend of suffering and triumph, fits well into the spirit of the Paschal Triduum.
The Arrest
John 18:1-11 | Commentary

In the Courtyard of the High Priest
John 18:12-27 | Commentary

Jesus before Pilate
John 18:28-40 | Commentary

Jesus the Crucified King
John 19:1-16 | Commentary

The Lifting Up of the Son of Man
John 19:17-30 | Commentary

John 19:31-42 | Commentary