Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Passion According to MARK

MarkThe Gospel of Mark was probably the first gospel to be written so we will begin with his passion story. Like his gospel as a whole, Mark's passion narrative is lean and taut, moving swiftly and in a haunting fashion from the events of the last supper to Jesus' death and burial.

Fidelity and Betrayal:the Passion Begins
Mark 14:1-11 | Commentary

The Final Passover
Mark 14:12-31 | Commentary

Gethsemane: Prayer and Arrest
Mark 14:32-52 | Commentary

Confession and Denial: Interrogation by the Sanhedrin
Mark 14:53-72 | Commentary

The Roman Trial
Mark 15:1-12 | Commentary

Mark 15:21-47 | Commentary