Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Passion According to MATTHEW

MatthewThroughout his gospel, Matthew follows closely the storyline of his primary source Mark but still colors that story with themes characteristic of his gospel. The same is true of the passion story where Matthew's account absorbs virtually all of Mark's story; yet here, too, Matthew recasts the narrative to highlight his own distinctive themes. In meeting death Jesus fulfills his God-given destiny foreshadowed in the Scriptures and inaugurates a new age of history charged with resurrection life. Jesus is the obedient Son of God, tenaciously faithful even in the midst of abject suffering. Jesus' trust in God, tested in the savage fury of death itself, is not in vain.
The Gathering Storm
Matthew 26:1-16 | Commentary

The Kairos
Matthew 26:17-35 | Commentary

Matthew 26:36-56 | Commentary

Jesus on Trial
Matthew 26:57-27:10 | Commentary

The Messiah Condemned
Matthew 27:11-31 | Commentary

The Dawn of a New Age
Matthew 27:33-66 | Commentary