Saturday, January 17, 2009



"Let the word of Christ, rich as it is, dwell in you." —Colossians 3:16

"Our one desire for all the Church's children is that, being saturated with the Bible, they may arrive at the all-surpassing knowledge of Christ." — from the Encyclical Letter Spiritus Paraclitus of Pope Benedict XV (Sep 15, 1920)
"Ignorance of the Bible is ignorance of Christ." —St. Jerome

Daily Bible reading is vital to growth in Christ. This pamphlet is to encourage you and assist you in reading the entire Bible in one year. This approach:
  • follows the Catholic Church year (beginning with December, that is, Advent) and the liturgical seasons in general,
  • uses natural breaks in the text, rather than chapter breaks,
  • spaces Psalms and Proverbs throughout the entire year,
  • calls for reading the Gospels twice a year (approximately half a chapter a day),
  • includes all the books in the Catholic Bible.
We pray that this pamphlet will help you in the sometimes difficult discipline of daily Bible reading - starting today. Try this plan, and tell us how the Lord works in your life.

NOTE — For chapter and verse breaks, we have used the numbering scheme of the New American Bible (old edition). If you use another translation with this chart, the numbers may not correspond exactly.