Saturday, March 21, 2009

TO YOU I ABIDE (1 John 4:13): Entry # 15

Entry # 15

(1 John 4:13)
Words & Music: T2 Andy <<< click to listen!

This box encaged me in a doom
Pain, anguish, crying filled the room
The world stops spinning for a while
And kept me blinded with vague mind

I seek prestige, power and all
I gained the world and lost my soul
Still I'm empty and unease
I need you lord to give me peace


Lord, thank you for the pain
You wake me up and I found you there
Gift of life pours and showers
I thank you Lord for giving me "HIM"

You make the sun shines brighter
The flowers bloom, It smells sweeter
You painted rainbow in the sky
And took the sorrow from my eye

You gave new meaning in my life
More courage, will and strength to fight
Now its my turn to make you feel
This love of mine for you is real


..and this is the Lord's promise.

Close your eyes and take my hand
I'll take you there to the promise land
Forget all worries, let fears subside
I'll never ever leave your side

To you I abide (4x)