Sunday, April 19, 2009

LORD OF LIGHT: Entry # 4

Words: T2 Gene
Music: T2 Jojo T.

Tears will fall, and walls will crumble
For Lord your children answer your call
We hear, we feel and alas we see
Your light forever shines on me

Lord you came into my life
You made everything right
My prayers and petitions at night
Were granted at the first light

Lord you came at the right time
The very day you call me mine
My life became an open line
Of love and worship to thine

Lord you blessed me and kept me
In your loving bosom you groomed me
To be a disciple and witness to thee
My love for you; forever will be

Lord of light, Lord of might
Send your warriors to your fight
Evangelizing your people with glee
Brothers and sisters we will be
(Chorus 2x)

Your light forever shines on me