Tuesday, September 1, 2009

IHS - September 2009



Christ's cross is a central symbol in Christianity. All who wish to follow after Christ need to heed His Words: "Forget yourself, pick up your cross and follow me!"

September is a time for exalting the cross. The cross was a curse during Jesus' time - it is there were murderers, thieves, offenders were hung. But Jesus gave the cross, new meaning, by dying on it. The Son of God was obedient unto death - the Father's design for man's redemption. Christ's death and resurrection turned the cross to a symbol of salvation and victory.

Christians go through purposeful suffering. Difficulties, tribulations and hardship are borne not in vain, but for God's greater glory.

By the cross, the Lord sought us, caught and regained us.

Our prayer is that we believe in the saving power of the cross. It truly is to be exalted. "It was there our Savior hung... but there too, God's victory was won!"

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