Monday, September 7, 2009

CFC Pastoral Formation Day By Day: September 7, 2009

B. The Role of the Household Head

a. He is the designated leader over a group of couples and is responsible for all the activities of the household and for the good order of the household meeting.

* attendance

* sharing/discussion

* honor and respect

b. He acts as an older brother to the group.

* establishes strong personal relationships with each of his men.

* gets help for them whenever it is available.

c. He helps each member to be fully integrated into the household and in CFC.

d. He has no authority over member's lives but exercises concern for their lives, especially in the areas of righteousness and good order.

e. He supports the life in CFC and the decisions of its elders.

* does not use the household meeting to ventilate his disagreements with CFC or its elders. In case of such disagreement, he takes this up with his Unit Head.

* supports fully any decision on movements of couples from one household to another, and helps such couples make such movements with ease and a minimum of diffi­culty.

Source: CFC Household Manual

See Page 2