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Let me direct you to the International Statutes of CfC, AS APPROVED BY THE VATICAN.

1.0 Nature and Purpose


1.3 COUPLES FOR CHRIST throughout the world is one unified work, with unity of vision and mission. It is one family, related through mutual love, respect and unity of heart and mind. It is one army, working tenaciously to establish and spread the Lord’s dominion on earth.

3.0 Membership


3.3 Membership may be terminated by the leadership for any of the following reasons:

* Serious unrepented wrongdoing.

* Gross unfaithfulness to the covenant of CFC.

* Public opposition to CFC teachings and culture, as well as official Church teachings.

* Ongoing disruption of good order in the community.

* Any other act that would seriously undermine the life and mission of CFC.

3.31 Such termination of membership is decided and implemented by the Chapter Head. The member terminated has the right to appeal, in which case the decision on his/her termination will be deliberated on and decided by the succeeding higher levels of leadership, and if necessary, all the way up to the CFC International Council.

3.32 Any member may voluntarily leave COUPLES FOR CHRIST at any time and for any reason.

5.0 Organization


5.6 Overseeing and promoting the life and mission of CFC throughout the world is the CFC International Council based in Manila.

5.7 CFC groups in a particular country or area may establish COUPLES FOR CHRIST as a foundation or corporation or formal association, in accordance with local and/or national laws, for purposes of conducting transactions as a juridical entity.

5.71 Such juridical personality however does not supercede the more basic reality that COUPLES FOR CHRIST is part of the body of Christ and is an international Christian community with its own organization, government and patterns of life.


7.0 The International CFC Community

7.1 The worldwide CFC family has the same basic mission throughout the world. Our task is to serve the Lord basically in three areas: evangelization, family life renewal, and total Christian liberation.

7.2 The worldwide CFC family is guided by the following principles: unity and uniformity, interdependence, and accountability.

7.21 Unity. COUPLES FOR CHRIST throughout the world is one body, one family, one army. It is to have one vision and one mission. It is one united work of the Holy Spirit. It is to live out one culture, the Christian culture that transcends national, racial and social differences.

7.22 Uniformity. CFC groups throughout the world are to be distinguishable in any part of the world by any member. This is accomplished by uniformity in the most important elements that make a group a part of the worldwide CFC family.

7.221 Concretely, CFC groups are expected to do the following:

* Bear the name “Couples for Christ.” A local translation of this name may also be used.

* Adopt the same logo.

* Adopt the same statements of mission and philosophy.

* Adopt the same covenant of CFC.

* Adopt the same initiations course into CFC, which is the Christian Life Program.

* Adopt the same formation program for the first year of membership.

* Place all members into households that meet weekly for mutual support and formation.

* Adopt similar pastoral and leadership structures, which evolve as the CFC group grows.

* Foster the same charismatic spirituality.

7.222 COUPLES FOR CHRIST does recognize the need for local cultural adaptation in some cases, as long as such does not compromise the essentials of the CFC life, and as long as the same is approved by the CFC International Council.

7.23 Interdependence. The worldwide CFC family is a global network of CFC groups in different countries, all acting within the framework of the overall CFC vision and mission.

7.231 A CFC group within a particular country will decide on its own specific plans and strategies with which to carry out the CFC mission, but always in line with CFC’s global direction and thrusts.

7.232 Being a global partnership, the work and well-being of every CFC group is a matter of concern for all others. All CFC groups should be open to extending support and cooperation to other CFC groups.

7.233 Whenever possible, CFC groups should be open to sharing their resources with other CFC groups. This would include human pastoral resources, finances, teachings, effective programs and strategies, etc.

7.234 The worldwide CFC family should form a network of prayer and intercession.

7.24 Accountability. The different CFC groups throughout the world are accountable to the Lord for their life and service, and as a concrete and practical expression of this, are accountable to the CFC International Council for the conduct of their life and work, while preserving always the rights of the local Ordinary.

7.241 CFC groups in the different countries should take initiative in pursuing the CFC vision and mission, and should work towards being self-sufficient, self-reliant and self-supporting as to the required human, financial and logistical resources.

7.242 CFC Manila functions as the center for the work of COUPLES FOR CHRIST throughout the world. The CFC International Council (Manila) is tasked with overseeing the global work of CFC, strengthening the life and mission of CFC throughout the world, and preserving the unity of the worldwide family.

7.243 The CFC International Council accredits CFC groups as officially part of the international CFC community, and may remove such accreditation for any valid reason or just cause.

7.244 The CFC International Council acts as the ultimate arbiter for any unresolved conflicts or disputes within the international CFC community, while preserving always the dispositions given by the universal legislation of the Church.

So, these are some of the Vatican approved Statutes.

* * * * *

Amended by the CFC Council September 25, 2004.
Amended per inputs of the Pontifical for the Laity, March 1, 2005.

These Statutes, is in their original form, are deposited in the Archives of this Dicastery
From the Vatican, 25 April 2005

Signed and Sealed