Monday, June 1, 2009

THREE MINUTES A DAY - June 1, 2009

Girls Wish to Look Like Princesses

Most girls dream of owning that special dress for their senior proms. But for some, that dream never becomes a reality.

St. Fidelis Parish in College Point, New York, though, is doing what it can to help them. It seems that parishioner Donna Finn, who is the principal of Frank Sinatra School of Arts, was told that five seniors were not going to attend the prom because they couldn’t afford to buy dresses. Using her own resources, she helped those students.

Then she asked Father Arthur Minichello to put a notice in the parish bulletin. Clean prom dresses and accessories in good condition are now collected for girls who otherwise could not afford them. Father Minichello and Finn are asking local tailors and seamstress to alter the dresses.

Collecting special dresses for a special night is one way to help needy high school girls. How else could you help?

Stretch out your hand to the poor. (Sirach 7:32)

Inspire our efforts to help needy children and teens, Holy Wisdom.