Friday, June 5, 2009

THREE MINUTES A DAY - June 5, 2009

The Gift of Time

“Five minutes: a small price to pay for discovering that only those who are giving of their time have ever owned it in the first place,” said Jeffrey Blout after learning a lesson at his local Stop & Shop.

Blout had a tightly timed shopping routine. One day it was different. Blout came upon an elderly couple who delayed him twice while slowly picking out items and blocking the aisles. He became annoyed at them.

At the checkout counter, the elderly couple who were ahead of him on line saw that he had a few items and asked if he wanted to go ahead of them. Blout thanked them, but refused. On arriving home, Blout realized that being in a rush isn’t always the best way. Time is precious and should be treasured as such.

Slow down. Live life now.

Every matter has its time and way, although the troubles of mortals lie heavy upon them. (Ecclesiastes 8:6)

God, help us live in the present, neither mulling over the past nor worrying about the future. Remind us that our days and years are in Your care.