Saturday, May 23, 2009

THREE MINUTES A DAY - May 23, 2009

More than Cleaning Products in Aisle 3

More and more youngsters are getting high by sniffing aerosol cleaning products, a practice known as huffing.

Because these products are easily available and there are misconceptions about it, huffing is common and lethal.

Adolescents are under dangerous illusions that it’s just compressed air and it can’t hurt you. But inhalants are very harmful and can kill suddenly. Meanwhile, busy, distracted parents are more concerned with alcohol and drugs like marijuana and cocaine than inhalants. However, studies show that at least 4.7 million teenagers have used inhalants at some point.

Parents, take precautions: educate your children early, discuss dangerous drugs and most importantly, talk, but do not scold. Since these chemicals don’t show up on standard drug tests be alert for odd smelling breath and a dazed look or slurred speech and empty aerosol containers in odd places

Protect your children. And above all, love them.

The Lord honors a father above his children, and He confirms a mother’s right over her children. (Sirach 3:2)

Father, enlighten parents so they can look after the children You have entrusted to them.