Thursday, May 28, 2009

THREE MINUTES A DAY - May 28, 2009

Building a Global Village

Safia Minney developed a passion for social and environmental awareness and action during her eight years in publishing in London. But how to cultivate that?

After moving to Tokyo, Japan, she learned to see environmental issues from an Asian viewpoint. She and two university students began preparing leaflets to help locals live more ecologically conscious lives.

Eventually she started a non-profit organization called Global Village, which has now become part of the International Fair Trade Association. Then she set up the Fair Trade Company to sell the products of people who are disadvantaged or physically challenged, as well as widows and refugees from Asian, African, and Latin American countries to shops in Japan.

Safia Minney set a great example. There are countless things that you can do right where you are to promote justice and to live an ecologically aware life.

Become an example to all. (1 Thessalonians 1:7)

Inspire business owners to set a good example of honesty and ecological awareness, God.