Sunday, May 24, 2009

THREE MINUTES A DAY - May 24, 2009

Kudzu Gets the Goats

First introduced in the United States in 1876, kudzu was initially an ornamental vine and then a forage and erosion control crop. It went from being the “miracle vine” to “the vine that ate the South.” Growing at an astonishing rate of a foot a day, it smothers flora, swallows houses and blankets the landscape.

That is, until the goats get there!

City officials in Chattanooga, Tennessee, hired a local farmer to graze his herd of goats and clear the east entrance to McCallie Tunnel, which cuts through Missionary Ridge there. Although the solution sparked more than a few chuckles – including “goats working” signs – it proved to “work beautifully,” observed one resident who hired the goats to clear a path from her house as well.

Sometimes the answer to a problem can come from an unlikely source.

In kinship with Wisdom there is immortality... unfailing wealth... understanding, and renown. (Wisdom of Solomon 8:17,18)

I offer You my work this day, Master. Give me the wisdom to give You glory.